When is Judgment Day?

First, let me wish the numerous readers and fans of this column, UNCENSORED cheap arimidex australiaAnastrozole generic cost , a very happy new year. I appreciate your regular messages and phone calls all through 2012. I enjoyed every incisive and constructive remark, your commendation and of course, your criticism. May you all enjoy the promise of a Double Portion and Next Levels of God’s grace and blessings this 2013.

May I also extend my appreciation to the numerous readers and followers of National Mirror (as well as zoloft cost generic100mg of zoloft for anxiety Sunday Mirror zyban price zyban cost without insurance ), a newspaper which, within just two years, has become the doyen of print journalism in the nation. No wonder, the news journal has earned several enviable laurels and awards in the past year. My heartfelt congratulations to the Publisher, Management and Staff of the newspaper and my wish is that 2013 shall bring greater mileages and successes.

Now to the important assignment of the day: When is judgment day? We have had too many cases of indictment, crime and inhumanity involving public office holders, but we have never had any logical conclusion of any of the cases. That is why many persons wonder why there are so many commissions of inquiry, reports of panels, and recommendations of such panels; but yet there have not been any trials and convictions of the culprits. Shall the criminals and offenders always go unpunished? If that persists, will crimes in public office not multiply?


One such critical reference point is the disappearance of the oil windfall accrued between 1988 and 1994. Despite the overwhelming evidence established by the unpublished Okigbo Report that the $12.4 billion oil windfall was either squandered or stolen during the Babangida administration, nothing followed. The issue keeps cropping up. National Mirror even recently did an Editorial on it again, wondering why an Abuja Federal High Court would eventually strike out, after six successive adjournments, a suit by SERAP legitimately seeking a probe into how the public money evaporated.


The oil windfall has become a dogging issue and an octopus that has refused to die. Yet, people in position of authority who should unmask and dock the culprits and accord them appropriate punitive measures simply turn deaf ears and blind eyes to the smart reports, evidence and clamour for justice. There are about 140 million people in Nigeria, out of which 40 million adults are jobless, and about 100 million live in extreme poverty, as well as 85 percent of the basic social infrastructures either non-existent or dilapidated. No potable water, no roads, no good schools, no good or affordable hospitals, and the electricity supply is probably the worst in the continent. Yet, few persons can still corner a whopping $12.4billion, which if utilized properly for public good, could solve permanently, the aforementioned social problems.


Another crucial question is the subsidy theft and subsidy inquiry scandal. What is happening to the over 160 oil and gas companies indicted in the Farouk Lawan Report? Government was whining and crying over N1.3 trillion expended on subsidy on yearly basis, a fact that was later established by the House Committee on subsidy fraud to be a result of theft by oil companies managed by friends of public office holders. So, what is government doing about those culprits? Fair enough, President Jonathan has disclosed that the Lawan Report will be upheld and the suspects brought to book; but we are yet to see any arrests made, let alone prosecution.

What of our man Farouk, what happens to him? Is he going scot-free in spite of the convincing proof that he demanded and took bribes from Femi Otedola, one of those investigated by his Committee on subsidy theft? Farouk got part-payment of his alleged bribe request. And what of Otedola, is he going to become a hero for giving bribe to a federal lawmaker who delisted him from those found culpable of subsidy theft? What is the President Jonathan government doing about this? What will the House of Reps do to their member who demanded and got bribe? Is it going to remain business as usual?

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Also pertinent to recount was the House Committee probe on the Capital Market that was investigating Arunma Oteh of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last year. In the course of the probe, the Committee led by Herman Hembe was accused by Oteh of demanding N39m bribe and alleged to have benefitted in the past from the financial generosity of the Oteh-led SEC. With that, the case closed. But, should that be the case? What is government doing about such obvious and grim case of corruption that it has vowed to fight? And what is the House of Reps doing about their colleague’s gross misconduct? Is he still deemed fit to remain a “Honourable”?

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That brings us to the Senate. Senator Ndume was indicted as a friend and sponsor of Boko Haram. It is almost a year now that one Kondinga, already tried and convicted, got him exposed after a security analysis of the convict’s phones. But Ndume is still lying that he has nothing to do with Boko Haram, even after the analysis shows he has sent and received over 72 text messages bordering on Boko Haram patronage and operations. He is still a “Distinguished” Senator, making and passing laws for Nigeria.

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Who killed Dele Giwa? This is a million dollar question that has been asked over a million times? Nigeria is blessed with intelligence agencies such as the State Security Service (SSS), Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) and other security agencies during that era. Heads of these agencies, including Generals Halilu Akilu, Kunle Togun, and Aliyu Mohammed Gusau are still alive. President Ibrahim Babangida is still alive. Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe is still alive. We still have the active players in the events of the time much around. The media professionals who should know these things are still around. The Nigeria Police and its smart personnel are still in existence. Yet here we are still asking a simple question of an obviously state-sponsored assassination: who killed Dele Giwa? When are we going to unravel this man-made resolvable mystery? And when will justice be served for that unfortunate murder of an apostle of truth?

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Who killed Bola Ige? If Dele Giwa was just another ordinary overzealous journalist that could be easily silenced without an earthquake occurring, what about a serving Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation? He was assassinated very cheaply and like his assassination, the delusional myth created around his death is also cheap. He served as Minister under President Obasanjo. He had issues with a political camp led by Senator Iyiola Omisore in Osun State. But we also heard that he had issues with a powerful but very dangerous drug cartel led by a former military ruler on whom he had gotten dossiers for prosecution. Shortly after, the Justice Minister was killed, and yet the Minister of Justice in Nigeria could not even get justice!

This is the story of Nigeria. Truth is not constant and lie reigns like a hero. Justice is despised while corruption flows like the River of Babylon. Consciences are dead as facts are covered up like a village masquerade. Falsehood is celebrated; falsetto is openly venerated, while exaggerated fallacy compromises the sanctity of universal justice. My prayer is that in 2013, the thief, the liar, the killer and the wicked in government houses (past and present) shall come to judgment.

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