What I Will Do Differently as Commander-in-Chief


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It has to be established that President Jonathan did not mean to put Nigeria through these insidious paths. No national leader would want the destruction of his own country, except such leader is not a true son of the soil. And yet, a bastard would not get near power in the first place. The developments since October 1, 2010 are just unforeseen circumstances, unanticipated, unexpected, and they would certainly be met by unpremeditated strategies or solutions. So, when we criticize the President, we do so not because he is hated, but because it gets to a point he needs to change tactics as, like someone often says, ‘you cannot continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.’

That is why I beg to differ with Mr. President on his lamentation last week that he is often criticized. He should take every criticism in good faith and bear in mind that it is because people still believe in him that they lampoon his policies. If they keep quiet, it means it is finished; they have lost all faith in his capabilities. As the first Executive President from the South-East (or more specifically, South-South as zoning apostles will like to call it), he is putting that zone’s political destiny in Nigeria on the line as the future of that part of Nigeria will be determined by the level of Jonathan’s performance. So, the more criticisms, the better for him, so as to adjust and do the best for the country.

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While I really do not agree with Jonathan’s claim that he is the most criticized Nigerian leader, because in actual fact, Ibrahim Babangida is; I believe there are some decisive steps he should take as this opportunity is a “once-in-a-lifetime” for him, for his people, and for that region. If I were the Commander-in-Chief, I will do things differently. I will not mind whose ox is gored, and I will step on toes to fix Nigeria. But I will not be stupid to act tough enough and yet make myself vulnerable. People in the corridors of power do not like or want change, so I will have to compromise them, anyhow, to embrace it.

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As CIC, I will not describe the terrorists as “our brothers”. They are not our brothers. They are avowed enemies of life and peace in Nigeria. They are adversaries of the state. I will designate and label them as terrorists before the international community does so. When I take this step, Nigerians and the international community will have confidence in me and see me as a serious-minded President who is poised to tackle the situation head-on. This will also attract increased and faster helps from other nations to join hands with me in pulling down the festering terrorist activities in my domain. I will definitely not condone any Boko Haram financier or supporter, even if he is the King of the Hausa-Fulani Empire, in my government. The overall interest of my people will guide my actions, and not the cheap blackmail or sectional interests of some so-called powerful people.

As CIC, I will not harbour any indicted criminal in my government. Any Minister found wanting will surely be thrown out without the benefit of soft-landing. Corrupt persons in conspicuous and strategic positions of authority attract indignation to government. They make that administration appear corrupt or incapable of checking itself. They make government unpopular. This is why I commend President Jonathan for taking the step of stripping indicted persons of the national honours they had hitherto been given, as well as showing the Power Minster the way out. But, there are still persons of questionable character, such as those indicted in the Subsidy Fraud report that are still prominent in Jonathan’s administration.

As CIC, I will not allow myself to be seen as appeasing a particular section of the country. Doing so will make other sections to want to blackmail my administration since they realize that I will want to appease them too. The reports in the last two weeks showing the lopsidedness in Jonathan’s administration, in which the Hausa-Fulani seem to be controlling his government with them heading nearly all the strategic positions, does not only attract unnecessary controversy. It also shows how susceptible a President can be in the face of an ethnic blackmail or subterfuge.

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If indeed we must operate by the principle of Federal Character (I personally do not believe in it because it promotes mediocrity and has been the bane of national development in sports, education, civil and public service, military, economy, etc), then why is there lopsidedness? The list is endless: Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the House of Reps, Central Bank, Customs, National Security Advising, Federal Capital Territory, and lots more. Are people from the other sections of the country too dumb to handle these positions? I do not believe in ethnicity, but it is careless acts like this that wake up the ethnic sentiments of people. As far as I am concerned, since we are “One Nigeria”, we should only go for the best persons who are capable of positively affecting our collective wellbeing. We should not go that way of ethnic or sectional balancing. Yet, the present lopsidedness does not reflect a careful composition based on merits; it is a compromise to appease a section of the country that so badly feels hurt to have lost their ‘traditional power’ for so long and is encouraging Northern terrorists to ventilate that anger.

What are the other things I will do differently as the President? I will pay attention to Nigerian roads. It feels so embarrassing to see the foreigners we so much court on road-shows abroad coming here to carry out business on such dilapidated roads. With all the oil money and revenue declared by the Nigerian Customs, we should have the best roads in Africa. In fact, Nigeria is the only oil-rich nation with poor road networks and dilapidated roads. Ironically, the roads to the oil wealth are even the worst: Ore-Benin, Onitsha-Aba-Uyo, Aba- Port Harcourt, and of course the very narrow road that links Yenegoa with the rest of the nation.

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Not only roads, I will pay more attention to the aviation sector. It is a shame that as the world flies their planes around in national colours, Nigeria’s own carrier went into extinction years ago, only for government to apply face-saving measures of commissioning private airlines to serve as national carriers. Yet, there is so much insanity in the sector. No wonder, while Ethiopia, one of Africa’s poor countries has acquired the Dreamliner (one of the few nations in the world to possess it), Nigeria is still in the recrudescent stage of looking at how to evacuate many disused aircraft from the airports.

There are lots of things to do about Nigeria as President. Fixing the power sector to make local business grow and to attract foreign investment is one. Rehabilitating our federal universities and if possible merging some unviable state and private universities, is another. The institutions are in palpable state and make us object of debauchery in international circles. There is need for our President to act now because of what posterity will say of him in the near and distant future.

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