Wanted: Divine Intervention!

At a time like this when our beloved Nigeria appears to be in local and international news for the wrong reasons, there is no alternative to seeking divine intervention in our affairs. When killing has become a pastime and when irate mobs resort to jungle justice at the slightest provocation, all we need is God’s intervention. In an age of unfettered wickedness and banal acts with no conscience to spark a sense of guilt, men can only have recourse to their God. In a society where evil is an art and the devil is a playmate, it will take the special intervention of Almighty God to reorder the nature of man. At this time when malice and mischief are the attributes of religion, then we need the supernatural to quickly put us right. In a system where hate and conflict reign supreme, then we must seek the intervention of the Prince of Peace to establish the only genuine and lasting coexistence strange bedfellows.

Nigeria truly needs prayers. The prayers required are not the routine “God bless Nigeria” kind of anthem. We need spirit-filled and intense prayers to stop the menace of road, air and sea mishaps that claim the lives of innocent and potentially useful citizens every day. We need prayers to halt the daily abduction by kidnappers of citizens and expatriates, which paint a grim picture of a lawless, anarchical, unsafe, and irresponsible country. We need prayers to expose and stop the activities of ritual murderers whose use of human parts, people’s souls and little children for all sorts of purposes ranging from wealth to spiritual fortification and political power, have resulted in disappearances of thousands of future leaders of the country.

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Divine intervention is required to disorganize Boko Haram and all other terrorist groups in the land, and to unveil more of their highly placed sponsors for the maximum punitive measures they deserve. Divine intervention is required to fight corruption in high and low places, particularly the corruption of those in government in whose sticky hands our national destiny is placed. We need divine intervention in addressing the numerous and increasingly complex economic problems, which have been undermining the great stature and respect Nigeria once enjoyed in the comity of serious-minded nations. Divine intervention will restore the country’s glory in economic greatness; it will provide the compass for the right political and policy direction; just as it will impart our leaders with wisdom and the genuine fear of God.


Our collective and private supplication will put an end to the frequent cases of armed robbery. Robbers will lose their thirst or urge for stealing, neither will they continue to cause pains and agonies for victims or their families. Supplication will heal Nigeria of the old wounds of ethnicity, religious extremism and the senseless killings in the name of religion. Supplication will go a long way in restoring the nation’s faded glory in sports, particularly in the game of soccer, where we had produced the kings in the continent and beyond. Prayers will restore our sense of patriotism and increase our love for one another. True love for humanity will not make us to see human throat as that of “Sallah rams” or ‘Christmas fowls” that can be slashed at any slightest provocation. It will not allow for irate mob to seize young promising persons on allegation of theft or anything whatsoever and burn them alive. It will not allow a midnight massacre of 40 students who are working hard at school to become responsible men in the future.

We must pray for Nigeria. Our prayers will stop the floods and keep the sun shining on everything we do. With prayers for Nigeria, the prediction of more floods in about 13 states before December will amount to nothing. We need prayers to stop untimely and shocking deaths, particularly of young people who have barely started life.


Nigeria requires prayers to make us occupy our rightful place in African and global politics. We were once the “giant of Africa”; prayers can get us back there. After all the Bible says, ‘With God, all things are possible” (Matthew 19: 26), and that “without Him, we can do nothing” (John 15:1-17;   I Pet. 3:7).

We need to go back to God to recover our birthright. The kind of prayers we offered during the iron-curtain rule of General Sani Abacha that ended against all odds a long reign of political aberration: that is the kind of prayers we need to do once more. Prayers of faith, fervent prayers, prayers of the heart, prayers coming from a heart connected to God: that is the kind of prayers we must offer. Prayers with steps of faith, prayers with action, and prayers with belief that God has done it: that is the kind of prayers!

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