Vote Wisely, Vote for Me

Take it or leave it, and contrary to popular or unpopular belief, disbelief or unbelief, it does not matter if it is scientifically evident or not, I am the next Nigerian President. Better put, I am your next First Citizen. I will win the April elections, and in May, I will make history as the luckiest man in Nigeria to have become President without sweating for it. I will be the Best President Nigeria would ever have. If you are in doubt, try me. As for whether I have been campaigning or emerged from any primaries, check the history books and see how many persons have become President in the country who were ready for it. They just woke from slumber and found power placed under their pillows. I will prove bookmakers wrong. History (though does not repeat itself as people erroneously believe), it will in my own case. Jonathan, Buhari, Shekarau and Ribadu must be very afraid indeed. I will trounce them in the next elections. I am going to shock them. Utomi, Okotie and Momodu do not even have to waste their own time. The race is for the swift and strong. I have been around for too long, only that people have not always chosen wisely. The wise votes will keep me in power for four years or even more. Eight years. Or even more. And I will change Nigeria. Yes, I can.

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I am Mr. Nationhood. “Whatever that means,” I can feel you jest. But this time, I have come to take my rightful place in the scheme of things. Enough is enough. Fifty years of deceit, incompetence, corruption, violence, social exclusion, political elimination, economic deprivation…What is that?! After all, I am more than one single man that could set us on the tightrope of fate. I am beyond the machinations of a group. I have traversed the world of the sensible and transited to the realm of the deep. Wisdom is my middle name. I have seen it and I have done that. My nickname is Experience and I love setting shining examples.

The Titanic ship of hope has sailed through here many times. And each time, it nearly sank. Some years back, it disappeared from sight. It probably got lost in the Straits of Abyss or capitulated in the Bermuda of Indecisions. Even the relics cannot be found in Atlantis. It has been tales of woes and varnished faiths.

That is why I am seeking a revolution to supplant the existing rot called the Nigerian social “order”. Thus, you may call me Revolution because that is actually my surname. Do not mistake me for Revolt or Violence thinking they are same because of inherent elements of chaos in certain cases in all of them. Change from military dictatorship to civilian rule is also like it. Yet, it is not the same as Revolution. I am talking about a total sweep, not with Broomsticks or a bunch of Broom. Rather, with the mind, the heart, and the brain, in agreement with the act. A total, popular change.

With me, there will be equal opportunities and covering, not with an Umbrella. The covering will be a common platform for social equity, equal distribution or proportional allocation of resources. Voting me will guarantee the new, good life. The life that Nigeria desires and indeed deserves. That is what is on my plate on offer.

I live in the State of Conscience and would require absolute and true judgment to stay alive. I will bring only good tidings. You do not deserve anything less. You have cried enough. You have suffered enough. You have stayed in darkness enough. You have trekked enough. You have used those death-traps as roads enough. You have stayed hungry enough. You have had breakfast for supper enough. You have taken enough toads for supper, when you, in actual fact, deserve catfish. You have had enough. Enough is enough.


I will vote my conscience. I am you. You will vote my conscience. You are me. You are you. You will use your power. Your vote is your power. It has removed dictatorships. It can replace misrulership. It can berth a better Nigeria. If we vote our consciences-and refuse to be deceived or sell ourselves out for a morsel- this nation may re-emerge as a great one. The candidates seeking election or re-election, contesting with me, may just never get the chance to swindle us again. This is our chance. Vote wisely, vote for the good life and not the smart thief. Vote for you/me. Remember, my name still remains Nationhood Wisdom Revolution, a.k.a. Experience. This is our chance.

Dr. Folarin is of the African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC) at Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria


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