Too Many Questions…But No Answers

Danladi: I heard there was a helicopter crash this time.

Popoola: Yes, I heard too. The chopper was bound for Port Harcourt after a programme in

Yenagoa. They said powerful people were in that chopper. It crashed

into the swamp somewhere at Nembe in Bayelsa and exploded. Everyone aboard died.

A Governor was there. A former National Security Adviser…

Danladi: Which of the advisers? Was it that one that said PDP was the cause of Boko Haram?

Popoola: Yes, the retired General who said it right to their faces that PDP was the cause of

terrorism in Nigeria. He was from that state, Bayelsa.

Danladi: And the Governor?

Popoola: Oh, Patrick, the first Christian Governor of Kaduna State. He was VP Sambo’s Deputy

Governor in Kaduna State until Sambo was appointed VP by Oga Goodluck.

Danladi: But Port Harcourt isn’t far from Yenegoa. Why did they have to fly?

Popoola: Haba, Danladi; na you dey talk like this? VIP levels na! Also busy people and of

course very bad network.

Danladi: 222 But you said Azazi was from Bayelsa and he was a top government functionary. The

people were government people. Yet, they couldn’t fix the roads?

Popoola: Even Mr. President is from that state. The only link road into Bayelsa is that tiny trunk

road stretching from Port Harcourt into Yenegoa. So horrible.

Danladi: ivermectin tabletsStromectol 3 mg tablets And these powerful people could not even fix their own roads after so many years in

government, even as Governor and now as President? It reminds me of Ota and

Abeokuta in Ogun State, home of former President Sege. Nothing to write home about.

Popoola: Na so!

Danladi: But were there other casualties?

333 Popoola: Errm…the papers said so, some orderlies like that…ordinary people. Can’t remember

their names.

Danladi: buy diflucan walmartdiflucan generic name But they died now, along with those two you mentioned.

Popoola: Yes, they did…Hmm, you see, General Gowon said he would have been in that

chopper as well. What a close shave!

Danladi: Ol boy, na wa o. What of that Suntai man sef? The Governor that should have made

Guinness Book of World Records as the first serving plane-owning Governor to fly


Popoola: Governor Danbaba…they said he’s recuperating in a German hospital.

anastrozole arimidex treatmentAnastrozole generic cost Danladi: Who said?

Popoola: The papers. Some said he’s recovering. Some said he has brain damage. Others say

he’s in a pathetic state.

Danladi: Is that? Pity. We pray for him. We wish him well.

Popoola: This plane crash problem, when will we overcome it? I also wonder.

Danladi: Heard Dana is flying again.

Popoola: Dana??? The plane that killed about 200 people both aboard and on ground?

Danladi: Yes, they got back their license.

Popoola: On what basis?

Danladi: orlistat purchase onlinexenical online kaufen ohne rezept I don’t know.

Popoola: But we have the FAAN, FCAA, NEMA, and the Aviation Ministry. How are they

justifying it?

Danladi: They have not really spoken up. But the papers are helping them to explain that

because Dana acted responsibly after the crash, paying compensation and showing

human compassion.

Popoola: You mean the same Dana that is now politicizing the payments and paying victims’

families, pittance? Read in the papers that a particular Pastor whose property and

investment worth hundreds of millions was offered only N600,000.

Danladi: But for some reasons not yet made clear the House of Reps has come hard on Dana and

the aviation custodians. They said Dana’s license must be withdrawn and NEMA boss,

Demuren fired.

Popoola: Where is Bellview sef?

Danladi: Bellview? I learnt they are now First Nation with just one plane.

Popoola: Are you sure? How did you hear this?

Danladi: Of course, investigative newspapers insinuated it.

Popoola: Bellview offloaded over one hundred mid-air somewhere after Sango-Ota (Lisa) in

Ogun State and they still flew?

Danladi: In fact, their license was never seized until it became First Nation.

Popoola: Sosoliso nko?

Danladi: After their crash (it happened after Bellview’s) they were thrown out of the airspace.

License seized.

Popoola: Hmmm….

Popoola: What of Albarka Air? Did any of its flights ever crash before the license withdrawal?

Obinna (saunters in): Hey guys, what’s up? Have you heard anything yet about the Subsidy

Scam Report and the scandal involving the House Committee on Subsidy Scam and the

oil subsidy theif (sorry, Chief), Femi?

Danladi: You mean Faroukgate? Read in the papers that the President vowed to implement the

Subsidy Scam Report. But for the Faroukgate, we haven’t heard much. But we do see

Farouk and Femi in the papers either accompanying award recipients to gala events or

posing in pix with Mr. President in Aso Rock after visits.

Popoola: Really? What of that terrorist lawmaker? The Senator, Ndume and his playmate,


Obinna: Kondinga was arraigned in a court, tried and convicted immediately. Oga Senator is

still in the Upper Chamber o, passing laws.

Danladi: 111 But we heard recently that the SSS revealed that he had conversation 72 times with the

convicted terrorist. He should be stripped of his exalted position and put behind bars to

rot in jail. He’s a confirmed enemy of the state.

Popoola: Enemy of the state ke? Rot in jail? Like Farouk and Femi, and like Speakers Patricia

and Dimeji, he’s too privileged and to go through such. He’s still there, defining our

present and shaping our future.

Obinna: Na wa o! What is this land turning into. It is better to ignore these politicians and

government sef and discuss more lively issues, or else one will become angry, frustrated

and probably get hypertensive. How far with the Nigerian Premier League? Who’s


zyban sales buy cheap zyban online Popoola: Leading where? The League hasn’t started.

Danladi: They said it will begin in February after the Nations Cup.

Obinna: What??? The League hasn’t begun? Starts in January? Why?

Popoola: No one really knows, but what we can tell is that the stakeholders have been fighting in

the pages of newspapers bordering on power tussle, nepotism, mismanagement and

incompetence and of course, fraud!

prednisone overnight delivery Prednisone natural alternative Danladi: And for some reasons, the NFF and NPL are tussling. There are also allegations that

the pitches are in a poor state.

Obinna: No, don’t tell me that. Which pitches are bad? Nigeria has great pitches and stadiums,

having hosted Under-20 World Cup, Under 17 World Cup, Nations Cup twice,

African Women’s Championships, ECOWAS Cup, WAFU Championships. We

wouldn’t have been given hosting rights if we didn’t have the facilities.

Danladi: See, the facilities ended as soon as the competitions ended. No one was ready to

maintain them.

Popoola: They had shown off what they wanted to prove and they had lined their accounts. The

‘cinema’ was over, no one remains in the hall.

Danladi: National Stadium in Lagos was done after the 1999 World Cup and 2000 Nations Cup.

Today, it is only available for shit business. National Stadium in Abuja replaced that of

Lagos. It was useful for All-Africa Games in 2003 and the 2009 World Cup. Today, it

is good enough only for cattle grazing.

Obinna: But what is government doing about it?

Popoola: Ah, government is trying o. It has several Commissions of Inquiry in place to look into

the problem.

Danladi: Haba, government is commendable! It responds almost immediately with Press

Statements and thereafter sets up Commissions, Panels and Committees to look into the

problems. There are at present, panels (some with completed and submitted reports to

the President) looking into the energy fraud, health issues, telecoms crisis, fertilizer

scam, money laundering, subsidy scam, oil theft, terrorism scourge, attacks and


Obinna: But what happens thereafter?

Popoola: The newshounds are there…the papers will find out and tell us.

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