The “Dynamic Nigeria” Initiative

At a time like this, when youngsters are increasingly joining the bandwagon of criticism and outright condemnation of the public domain without a recourse to constructive submissions; and when an expanding number of watchers of the political landscape engage in pedestrian and shallow commentaries, whose explicability is far-fetched and not scientifically or factually explorable; an initiative is coming from a promising young man with passion for the scientific truth and plausible solutions to the myriads of Nigeria’s socio-political problems. “Dynamic Nigeria” is the initiative of Osanyin Taiwo Oreoluwa, a 2011 graduate of Policy and Strategic Studies (PSS) of the Covenant University.

Osanyin’s programme is a total package of a television interview programme, which currently runs online and whose early editions are accessible on YouTube. Experts in various fields, including academics, professionals, captains of industry, public servants, bureaucrats, public office holders, military and security personnel, are invited to bring deeper insights to bear in the understanding of the National Question with the view to halting the culture and cycle of shadow-chasing and making more apposite depositions to solving the problem. The choice of younger professionals as guests is informed by a quest for fresher perspectives and as a bold statement that the future belongs to the responsible youths; with a clear call to the crowd of younger people that the youths can get to the top.

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In the words of Osanyin: “Many Nigerians are oblivious of the basic issues prevalent in the nation. There is an extreme need for radical awareness to be made on core national and political matters in Nigeria to eradicate ignorance, especially as 2015 elections approach.” The basic rational is to reduce the spread of propaganda and false news that have pervaded the society through the social media. There has been, in recent times, an increase in the aberrative use the social media platforms. Falsehood, propaganda, slander, ambush, identity theft, and blackmail continue to be regular occurrences, and politicians seeking election or re-election have resorted to maximizing the opportunities to sell whatever information they so desire.

“Dynamic Nigeria” is an avenue to challenge the misleading rituals online and create an alternative window of knowledge, rational thinking and sound mind. The unique feature of the programme is its historical search for the issues, for, according to Appadorai, “history is the roots of politics”. Societies do not drop from the sky; they grow in phases, stages and by age, which are historical processes. There will not be a medical diagnosis without recourse to medical records of the patient, to determine his medical history and as such medical condition. Boundary disputes are not resolvable until the older members of communities are consulted for oral evidence, to determine the early movements, settlements, activities, agreements or checking the records for treaties if available.

This is the kind of initiative our youths and graduates should think of and busy themselves with: programmes and ideas that will first and foremost benefit them, and then their society, their nation and the world. Osanyin could have been part of the army of job seekers combing the streets of Lagos or Abuja for “lucrative” job. He could have also explored the internet for “runs” like most of young people of his age. He could have been a liability like many who are among the over 40 million unemployed youths in the country. But he has choses a decent, honourable and profitable path: to x-ray Nigeria from another perspective and liberate the youths from their fatalistic mentality and ignorance. I fully endorse “Dynamic Nigeria” and commend it to the world at large. This is what Corporate Nigeria should not have a second thought about to sponsor and promote, so as to be part of solving the plethora of Nigeria’s problems, a patriotic decision Mr. Dynamic (Osanyin) has made.


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