And the award goes to…

Traditionally, Christmas season is a time of expression of love with surprise gifts, packages and goodwill wishes in celebration of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is a time to heed the biblical injunction, “love your neighbour as yourself”. So, I wish to express my love and great wishes for a beautiful Yuletide and abundance of His blessings to all my fans and readers worldwide and to particularly wish Nigerians a very Merry Christmas celebration. May we all enjoy the blessings of Heaven here on earth in Jesus’ Name!

Having done the needful, let us examine and re-examine “stellar” performances of persons, groups and organizations and let us, in this our little corner, “uncensor” and unveil them and give them the Uncensored Person, Uncensored Group and Uncensored Organization of the Year 2014 awards. This is my own little something extra to appreciate them for doing the unimaginable!

Uncensored President of the Year

No one, not even the Syrian President or FIFA President can take this award from His Excellency. Al-Assad survived rebels, outdid the US and allies and succeeded in getting away with mass murders. Months ago, he successfully used chemical weapons to exterminate, in a fell swoop, thousands of his people, mostly children and women. Despite all these, he remained not only invincible, but also untouchable and could not be overthrown by the combined team of world powers. Great feat, but he comes second in our awards nominations. FIFA’s Sepp Blatter lived with so many controversies and allegations. Against all accusing fingers alleging bribery, corruption, terse response to racism in football and double-standard in awarding hosting rights of FIFA competitions, he still remains “gidibga 111 ” in the Zurich headquarters as FIFA boss. But both Assad and Blatter comes miserably second and third in a keenly contested award. His Excellency had more challenges than these two “gentlemen”. He hosted the world during the centenary celebration, which a big plus to him. This was a day after the massacre of scores of female students in a secondary school in one of the terrorism-hit states in the North. Undaunted, he refused to allow terrorist threats or multiple attacks and murders deter him in celebration of life and political successes. He has dared the terrorists and proved to them that no matter their madness and no matter how many Nigerians are killed or territories are taken, he will not retreat, nor surrender, nor be intimidated. Shame on Boko Haram!

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A man of courage, he went ahead on a number of occasions to celebrate with political cronies and icons in the midst of chaos and “states” of emergency. He lost 234 secondary school girls and many, many, many more girls and women, in addition to his soldiers who are daily killed or maimed. He has magnanimously lost many of his territories to insurgents but continues to stand firmly in control. His steel-heartedness and strong will have been appreciated by his party, which has rewarded his efforts by endorsing him as sole presidential candidate for 2015 elections- NO RIVAL! He overcame and finally demystified President Obasanjo and against all odds, this man of iroko, timber and caliber is unimpeachable. The Uncensored President of the Year 2014 Award goes to no other person than our indefatigable President Ebele Goodluck!

Uncensored Governor of the Year

He was the Deputy Governor to Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State. He was supposed to be impeached along with his principal. But his “oga” rather resigned and avoided a disgraceful impeachment. But rather than become the Governor as the Constitution stipulates, the power-mongers in the State House of Assembly who wanted Nyako’s legacy obliterated permanently, rushed things and got very stupid in the course of their desperate scheming, which made them to leave out salient constitutional procedures. They, instead of Nyako, had received Ngilari’s letter of resignation. Thus, a legal case followed as advised and orchestrated by Nyako to ensure that his Brutuses in the House that threw him out of power were put to shame. The legal battle was won and lost as the resignation was nullified, and Barrister Ngilari returned to office, this time, as Governor, just as it should have been. What makes Ngilari to win this award is not only the dramatic turn of event, but also his political party. Nyako had moved into the APC, having dumped the PDP months before his impeachment. Once a principal is in a particular party, his Deputy has zero options. But Ngilari is in the PDP, while his principal before the kick-out was an APC stalwart. The “Brutus” approach, the Nigerian way, you will say. Let’s clap for Barrister Ngilari.

Uncensored Minster of the Year

A woman of substance and an epitome of African beauty, she beats every other contestant, including Labaran Maku, Obanikoro and Stella Oduah to distant second, third and fourth places. Oduah would have emerged winner, but she was surprisingly and eventually thrown out of the cabinet. This Czar of Nigerian Petroleum is by every standard, an intelligent woman. She survived much travail in the course of the year. Enemies had wanted to rubbish her about endemic corruption in the NNPC, but she overcame that. Then the former Central Bank Governor had blown the whistle of some N20b unaccounted for and untraceable in the CBN vault as it had not been remitted by the NNPC. After a short period of uproar came an inexplicable silence. The matter is now just another reference point on another Nigerian money missing for good. The allegation of N10b on chattered flights came hard on Madam Deziani as well. In the middle of all of these wicked allegations of haters, Allison-Maduekwe, the only alleged sister-in-law to the President in his cabinet, survived and has even been elected as Czar (President) of OPEC. She is a cat with nine lives: survived allegations of stolen subsidy funds; overcame the travail of CBN accusations; remained Minister even when her confidant, the NNPC boss and other ministers were changed; overcame the 10b flight issue; and continued to grow fresh and unfazed by all these troubles! Who can beat this woman as the Overall Man of the Year? prednisone order Prednisone natural alternative

Footballer of the Year

No one can beat Emmanuel Emenike to it! He played in all but one of the matches the Super Eagles featured in this year, but scored in none. The last time he scored any goal was probably during training before the last match against Bafana Bafana that saw Nigeria barricaded from Equatorial Guinea. Emenike has not scored in any competitive game since the AfCON semi-final match against Mali. He was the highest goal scorer at that tournament. But since then, he has played beautifully in all other matches except the one against Congo in Lagos and has surprisingly shied away from goal-scoring, providing assists instead. What a selfless striker! He is our Uncensored Footballer of the Year.

Coach of the Year

Keshi gets it. No rival; no other nominees. A great tactician, who without doubt has made all Nigerians happy and proud as player and coach, he led the Eagles to AfCON victory in 2013; led them to World Cup in 2014; led them to World Cup Second Round after 15 years; led them to CHAN for the first time in 2013; led them to the FIFA Confederation Cup in 2013; and successfully led them out of 2015 AfCON in 2015. Keshi has a way with record-making and record-breaking!! Congrats to the Big Boss!!!

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Uncensored Man of the Year

This award is contested neck-to-neck among three persons: His Excellency, and Deziani and the fairy tale, mystery man, Shekau. Abubakar Shekau is a “man” like a cat with nine lives. Having been “killed” three times, he has resurrected three times. It actually looks like he is now Shekau 1, Shekau 11 and Shekau 111. His Boko Haram group has stolen lands, conquered territories and sacked communities. He has rendered over 1 million Nigerians homeless and the fear of him is the beginning of security wisdom in Nigeria. The President has no answer to him. He is uncatchable and security operatives flee with all their energy when they come face to face with his superior arms. Dozens of War Commanders and soldiers have faced court marshall because of him. He enjoys support at home and abroad, even in Mr. President’s cabinet and from Chad, which is believed to be an ally in the fight against terrorism. Shekau controls three states in the Federal Republic, the only alternative President in Nigeria. All hail the stromectol buy onlineStromectol 3 mg tablets Uncensored Man of the Year 222 !

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